Qatar Airways operates 3 daily flights from Doha to Singapore which makes connecting from another flight (from Athens or any other Qatar destination) very easy. The first flight touches down at 9.15am, great for business travelers, while the other two land at 15.40 and 20.15. After a great  flight from Athens-Doha and about a two hour layover at the impressive Al Mourjan business lounge in Doha, we were finally ready for the final leg of our trip: business class on Qatar airways’ A350 for our 8 hour flight to Singapore! Let’s take a closer look at our experience aboard the “Best Business class” in the world according to Skytrax:

Overall: Business class on the Qatar airways A350 (just like on the B787 and A380) is a wonderful experience! The seat and the overall cabin are very spacious, comfortable and functional, turning a long flight into a journey you will not want to end! When you combine all this with great service, food and amenities you get a flight experience that’s close to perfect. The only thing we would have liked to see is faster and cheaper internet access. 

Booking: Qatar Airways is a member of the oneworld alliance so you can use your miles on airlines such as British Airways or American Airlines to redeem for your flight. We used Privilege Club miles for our one way flight from Athens to Singapore via Doha which cost us 70,000 miles and €44.45. Don’t forget though that Qatar airways frequently has amazing sales where you can get return flights to Singapore from European cities for as little as €800-900. To make a booking you can follow this link.

Lounge: Prior to our flight to Singapore we spent two hours at the Al Mourjan business lounge which is a very special lounge that deserved a separate review which you can find here. In a nutshell, it’s a world-famous business class lounge that sets very high standards in terms of design and overall services.

The seat: All of Qatar airways’ flights to Singapore are operated by an A350, which is one of the most modern and comfortable aircrafts. Upon boarding, you will notice how airy and spacious the cabin feels compared to other aircrafts. The seat on the A350 is essentially the same as what you will find on the A380 and Β787 (Dreamliner). It’s based on what’s widely considered the best seat arrangement: the 1-2-1 reverse herringbone where every business class seat had direct access to the aisle. The cabin has 36 seats along 9 rows with the single seats by the window being the best choice for anyone travelling solo. The middle/honeymoon seats are ideal for anyone travelling with a companion. The seats do not offer complete privacy, they feel quite open and airy like the rest of the cabin, but they are very comfortable and ergonomically designed. The cabin is split into two sections: the front one with 6 rows and the back one with 3. In between, you will find a small, stand up bar-type of area where you can chat to other fellow passengers, stretch during the flight and grab a drink. The back cabin is a bit quieter as it’s smaller but it’s also closer to the economy cabin which can be noisier. All seats have a lot of storage space (see the pictures below) and come with multiplug and USB port. The seat reclines to 180 degrees so it makes for a very comfortable bed with very good back/neck support thanks also to the big pillow that’s provided. You also have a lot of room to stretch your legs which also makes it easy to get our of your seat, even when in bed mode. Check out the pictures below for details:

Storage space

Storage space, multiplug and USB port

Storage space

The bar in the middle of the business class cabin

Food/service: The main feature of meal service on Qatar airways is that it’s dine-on-demand, i.e. you can dine whenever you want. For flights departing Doha, you can also pre-select your main dish from the onboard menu from 14 days to 24 hours before the flight. Service on our flight started with the flight attendant introducing himself, explaining the concept of “dine-on-demand” and then asking us if we wanted to have our meal choice reserved for later in case we wanted to sleep or were too full from eating in the lounge 🙂 Upon boarding, we were also offered a welcome drink as well as a hot (or cold) towel and warm nuts. Everything we tried food-wise was really tasty and well very presented. Qatar airways also puts a lot of emphasis on its drinks list which is very extensive. We counted 3 white wines, 3 reds, 2 dessert wines, two types of champagne as well as spirits, cocktails and mocktails. Throughout our flight service was very pleasant, attentive and proactive without feeling “stuffy”. Overall, Qatar airways’ flight attendants are well trained and the overall meal service is consistently good.

Pre-selecting your meal through “manage my booking”

Entertainment/internet: All business class seats on the A350 have a 17.2, high definition touchscreen which can also be controlled via the small controller on the side of the seat. It contains more than 3.000 movies, tv shows etc. so you will not have a hard time finding something you like. You will also be provided with noise-cancelling headphones which are quite good but we always prefer our Bose QuietComfort 35. On the Α350 Qatar airways offers internet but we were a bit disappointed by its performance. You only get the first 10MB for free and then you have to buy a data package, the most “complete” one offering only 200MB for $20. The speed was pretty slow and we would have definitely preferred unlimited internet even if it meant paying a bit more for it.

The screen controller next to the seat

The noise-cancelling headphones were the same as the ones we got on our Athens-Doha flight

The internet packages

Unfortunately, the speeds we got on our 10 free MB were pretty pathetic

Amenity Kit: The amenity kit case is designed by Brics while the products in its are by Monte Vabiano. Our flight was in October which is breast cancer awareness month so all the kits were in pink. The kit contained: moisturizer, moisturizing facial mist, lip balm, socks, ear plugs and sleep mask. In the bathrooms, you can also find dental and shaving kits. On long-haul, overnight flights you will also get comfortable pyjamas by The White Company

Amenities in the bathrooms

Amenities in the bathroom

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