After a series of amazing flights in Asia, on both Qatar airways and Singapore airlines it was time to return to Greece! We were scheduled to fly from Beijing to Athens via Doha on Qatar Airways (once again!). Our flight from Beijing was on the B777-300ER while our flight from Doha to Athens was on the A330-200 (not the -300 which we had on the outbound). You can find an extensive review of our experience on the Α330-300/200 on this page. But for now, let’s take a look at our flight on the B777-300ER from Beijing.

OverallEven though the B777-300ER from Beijing did not have the Qsuite (or at least the seat of the B787, A380 and A350) we were still very pleased with what we got. The seat is quite spacious and very comfortable in bed-mode. If you don’t have anyone next to you and/or if the cabin is not completely full then you will definitely have a very nice experience. In any case, once Qatar airways completes the upgrade of all the 777s with the Qsuite then this will definitely be the aircraft to go for!

BookingQatar Airways operates one daily flight out of Beijing for which we used Privilege Club miles as they come with very low taxes. Our business class ticket from Beijing to Athens via Doha cost 75.000 miles and only about €20! Don’t forget that Qatar airways frequently has amazing sales with some of the most competitive business class offers around! To see all the latest offers and make a booking click here.

Lounge: In Beijing airport (which by the way is totally chaotic and it took us almost 1hr and 45 minutes to go through security, which is apparently “very normal”!) Qatar airways uses the Air China lounges. As a BA Gold/Oneworld Emerald we got access to the Air China First class lounge which was, unfortunately, a complete disappointment. At best, it could be considered a business class lounge and a mediocre one too. Our advice is not to spend much time in the lounge or at least to try the Cathay Pacific one. It’s probably nicer but unfortunately after our security fiasco we had no time to check it out.

The seatThe seats on the Β777 are undergoing a major change as they are gradually being upgraded to the latest and greatest Qsuite. Unfortunately, only some flights to London, Paris and soon New York have the Qsuite. Our plane from Beijing had the older generation B777 cabin, arranged in a 2x2x2 configuration. This means that the seats by the window do not have direct aisle access and should be your second choice if you are travelling solo. The seats have 3 main storage compartments (though the bulkhead seats do not have the small compartment in the front) and recline to (officially) 177 degrees. As always, the seats are equipped with a multiplug and a USB port and come with a large pillow and duvet. Our flight was thankfully quite empty so we were able to move to the back cabin, which is smaller and only had another couple of passengers out of the total 18 seats. We were able to get a two-seater to ourselves and as such, enjoyed a great sleep for almost 7.5 hours! In a nutshell, the seat is definitely not as impressive or practical as what you will find on the B787, A380 and A350 but it has a ton of legroom and can be amazing if you don’t have anyone next to you!

This storage compartment is missing if you are seated in the bulkhead

USB port

Food/service: Our flight left at 1.25am so we didn’t have anything for dinner as we wanted to maximize sleep. Before dozing off though we asked the flight attendant to reserve our breakfast and to wake us up as late as possible (about 1hr before landing) to have it. Before take-off we were greeted with the usual, hot/warm towel and a welcome drink (we had champagne to celebrate the end of the trip!). The drinks list is very extensive and has 3 white wines, 3 red wines, 2 sweet wines and 2 types of champagne (as well as many spirits, beers and mocktails). For breakfast we tried the delicious bircher muesli, orange juice, a smoothie, some espresso macchiato and the cheese omelette with beef. Everything we tried was superb and came with great service. So, without repeating ourselves too much, another great performance by Qatar airways!

A small sample of the wine list

Entertainment system/Internet: Every seat has a 17 inch, high-definition touchscreen which you can also control via a small remote on the side of the seat. When you are seated, you can’t actually reach the screen very easily which was a bit annoying but then again that’s what you have to “pay” for huge legroom! The entertainment system was based on the Oryx One which you will find on almost every Qatar airways wide-body aircraft and comes with thousands of movie, tv shows and other choices. We also received the usual noise cancelling headphones. Unfortunately, the Β777-300ER did not have internet which on an overnight flight, we didn’t really care about but had it been a day flight we would have wanted to be connected.

The tv control and noise-cancelling headphones

The noise-cancelling headphones are the same on all business class flights (photo from a previous flight)

Amenity Kit: The amenity kit case is designed by Brics while the products in it are by Monte Vabiano. Our flight was in October which is breast cancer awareness month so all the kits were in pink. The kit contained: moisturizer, moisturizing facial mist, lip balm, socks, ear plugs and sleep mask. In the bathrooms, you can also find dental and shaving kits. On long-haul, overnight flights you will also get comfortable pyjamas by The White Company

We received the same pj set as the one on our Doha-Singapore flight

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