British airways recently had a pretty good sale for short haul European flights so we decided to make the most of it and pick a city we’d never been to. We settled on Seville (which was beautiful by the way!) and spent just £165 return for business class (Club Europe) flights. Ordinarily, we don’t care about business class in Europe as there’s very little difference to economy but at that price it made sense and we were happy to pick up the extra Avios and tier points.

The lounge

The flight left from Gatwick (South terminal) and after going through priority security (I think the line was longer than the regular one…) we reached the lounge area. At Gatwick, BA operates a regular Galleries (business class) lounge and a First class lounge. The reception is the same with business class or Silver cardholders turning right and first class or Gold cardholders turning left…

As BAEC Gold members we were able to access the First class lounge. Upon entering, you will find a large seating area with big, floor-to-ceiling windows.

The seats are quite comfortable and come with power plugs and USB ports.

The main seating area is nicely decorated and feels quite spacious and bright (well, as bright as it can be in the UK!) thanks to the big windows

Which also provide great views to the runway!

As you move further inside, you will find the main dining area. At the centre, there’s a self-service champagne and wine bar

The buffet offers hot and cold dishes as well as the usual soft drinks, tea, coffee etc.

There is also an a-la-carte menu that you can order from and have the food brought to your table

Surprisingly for BA everything we tried was quite tasty and presented well! We particularly liked the duck bao buns

The carrot salad was also nice but not memorable. Overall though, the food has definitely improved and we found there were enough options to keep everyone pleased

Next to the dining area, there’s an office space where you can catch up on some work (and enjoy the runway views!)

Overall, the lounge was nice and we enjoyed the good quality of the food offered. We wouldn’t want to spend tons of time in there but for an hour or so before the flight it was perfect!

The flight

Ok so we all know that business class on most European flights is nothing to really write home about so we’ll just give you the highlights

Our flight was operated by an A320 with the usual blocked seat in the middle so nothing terribly exciting.

The front row seats probably offer a bit more legroom but the difference is fairly minor. But we like being first off the plane and not running the risk of having someone recline into our space

Service started with a hot towel and we were then offered a menu with two mains to choose from. There’s also a pretty good variety of drinks. Overall, the printed menu on such a short flight is a nice touch

We were served the starter, along with the cheese course and the dessert on one tray. The starter was tasty but presentation was sort of lacking. Big chunks of lettuce with blocks of cheese is a fairly bizarre dish…

Once finished with the starter, we were offered the main. We had the Thai green curry on our way out and it was quite tasty!

On the way back, however, we had a butternut squash and pea risotto which was quite heavy…

The service overall was pleasant and efficient. But then again, this is a pretty short flight so not a good indication of what it would be on a much longer flight with a much busier business class cabin

In a nutshell, at this price business class was totally worth it and we would happily do it again for the few extra perks.


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