Aegean airlines recently opened a brand new lounge at A gates of Athens airport. Up until now, it used the rather disappointing contract lounges in the non-Schengen area of the airport. As such, we were quite excited to be trying this new lounge! Let’s check it out:

The lounge is not very clearly signposted and is quite hidden away from all the other lounges at A gates. It’s close to gate A13, just after the Swissport lounge. To the left of the latter, you will find a sign that guides you to the Aegean lounge through a small corridor.

The lounge has the classic Aegean logo and branding

Next to the entrance you will find the magazine selection

The lounge is really just one big space though there is a small separator between the main sitting area and the dining area.

The lounge is primarily equipped with large, comfortable chairs

You will also find European plugs (we wish they were multiplugs) and USB ports

There are also two small coffee tables

On the left side, you will find a working station/bench that can fit about 8 people

The dining area has lots of tables and a long bench

The buffet is made up of small plates, snacks, finger food as well as soft and alcoholic drinks

Small sandwiches and pies

We liked the salad selection the most

Sweet treats

We liked seeing the Greek, high quality Korres products being used in the restrooms. However, there was only one toilet (and no urinals) in the men’s restrooms which was far from ideal


Compared to the previous contract lounges that Aegean used at A gates, this is definitely an upgrade. It’s a very functional and nicely designed lounge albeit quite small. What is definitely missing is a selection of hot dishes (can’t be that hard to add some Greek ‘classics’) and more restrooms. If you have Priority Pass or Lounge Key then you’re better off using the Goldair lounge which has better food. Overall though, we were quite pleased with what we saw.

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